Meet Tom Jones, Compounding Pharmacist


Tom Jones, a registered compounding pharmacist, graduated from The University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy.  After graduation he worked in both Wilson and Jacksonville, NC, before moving, with his family, to Garner, NC, in 1974.  He became the owner and operator of Tom Jones Drug, a Compounding Pharmacy, Home Medical, Health and Wellness Center where he was able to build a very successful clientele.  From there he decided he could add more value for clients by becoming trained in Prescription Compounding, Nutraceuticals, Vitamins, Minerals, and Health & Wellness which would assist even more people.  He became one of the first pharmacists in America to expand into these unique areas in the early 1990s.  He became trained in the areas of Health, Wellness, Prescription Compounding and Life Coaching, both for men & women.

Tom has successfully helped thousands of men and women in the area of menopause, men’s health, weight-loss, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal stress, healthy living, and other mid-life issues.  He has the amazing ability to treat each person as an individual with his or her own special issues and needs.  Mr. Jones customizes each consultation to the personal needs of that person by reviewing the results of their wellness questionnaire and their lab tests and working with the patient’s health care provider to construct a course of coaching to lead them onto a road of better lifestyle living & providing maintenance to their daily lives.

Mr. Jones enjoys an outstanding reputation among his peers and other healthcare professionals throughout the country. He is a member of the American Functional Medicine Association (AFMA), Prescription Compounding Centers Of America (PCCA), and was a charter member of Healthtrust Alliance, (Lifespan Health & Wellness Centers), & the JAG Health Group.   He lives in Raleigh, NC, where he does consulting work and produces the daily podcast, Pharmacist on Fire, which is part of The Tom Jones Network.  For information contact us at or call 919-779-0563.


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